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DE ROSA 2016

De Rosa 2016

As official online dealers for De Rosa, we wanted to create a series of videos that allowed cyclists and aficionados to see the latests models from all angles. For over 60 years, De Rosa has pushed the boundaries of road racing technology, not to mention sophistication. Their continuous drive to research, develop, and adopt avant-garde solutions has made them one of the most well-known and appreciated Italian brands the world over. Take a look at our videos for the latests 2016 De Rosa models.

KING XS 2016

The De Rosa King XS is a classic full-carbon road bike that is constantly evolving. An innovative braking solution, a reduced trail, and integrated fork make this frame comfortable, reactive, and great to look at.


The De Rosa Protos is a full-carbon road racing bicycle with a high STW ration (stiffness to weight), innovative internal cabling system and a “head flat face” fork designed to absorb and dissipate vibrations.


The De Rosa SK Pininfarina is the latested edition in the De Rosa family, and what an addition it is! Designed in collaboration with the celebrated design house Pininfarina, the De Rosa SK is a racing machine, aerodynamic, elegant, and fast.


Cicli Corsa is an official De Rosa distributor and as such is able to offer a completely customizable De Rosa bicycles and frames. We not only offer the standard factory builds for complete bicycles, we also offer free quotes for all Shimano and Campagnolo group-sets and accessories.

It is also possible to exclude items from your order. For example, you would love to buy a complete bicycle but already have a great wheel-set that you want to continue using. Not a problem, we are able to provide a free quote for a complete bicycle minus the wheel-set (or any other components).

Love the bike but want it in a different color? Cicli Corsa is also able to provide custom paint jobs on all De Rosa frames.

Last but certainly not least, as an official reseller, all De Rosa bicycles come with an official factory warranty, and Cicli Corsa offers customer service support to assist all customers in this process.



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