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WR Compositi - Meet the Makers

As a distributor and re-seller of high-end bicycles and components, we’d like fully understand the production process and philosophy that sets the brands we carry apart. The best way to do that is to visit them in their factories, workshops and offices and see how they operate, to understand what inspires and drives them to create the products that they create. We know we are not the only ones who would be thrilled with the opportunity to take a peek behind the curtain, and decided to create a “Meet the Makers” section to our website.

Our first visit was to the world-renowned steel tubing factory, Columbus Tubing, who were kind enough to take us on a complete tour, allowing us to ask them questions about the history of the company, their process for creating these sought after tubes, and their future plans. Check out the full article here.

Columbus Factory Visit - Meet the Makers

Our second visit for our “Meet the Makers” section was to WR Compositi, manufacturers of a variety of high-end carbon fibre composite cycling products, all made by hand in Italy by a team of highly-skilled craftsmen. We took a tour of the factory and had the opportunity to interview the ideators and owners of the company. Check out the full article and photo gallery here.

WR Compositi - Meet the Makers



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