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Miss Grape: light and compact bikepacking bags

Miss Grape was one of the first brands to get on board with bike packing and the discipline has, in just a few years, spread globally. With Miss Grape you can count on a quality product, hand-sewn and not heat-sealed, so that it can always be repaired, whatever happens to it. This is a theme that is very dear to the Rovigo based brand, which is highly attentive on producing increasingly sustainable and ethical products.

The choice of material used for the construction, Nylon 420 Ripstop, is the result of long and detailed research, endless tests and countless prototypes. Lots of feedback from those who use and abuse Miss Grape bags, have served to achieve a level of quality and design second to none on the market.

For some time now, the bags have also been available with an interesting waterproof protection. Making a heat-sealed bag waterproof doesn’t pose any particular problems, but if it’s a sewn bag, it gets complicated. Miss Grape was able to develop a process that solved the situation brilliantly thanks to a water-repellent film inside the bag.

Miss Grape divides its range according to the use and style of bike:

Road – Bags with low volume, with minimum overall dimensions and with particular attention to low weight.

Adventure – Larger volumes and features dedicated to those who want to tackle longer journeys over several days.

When it comes to bags for bikepacking, there are essentially three styles:

1 – The saddle bag / Miss Grape Cluster

This is the rear bag that attaches to the saddle frame and seatpost. It is available in various capacities, with a roll top style closure, so the bag always remains as compact as possible. It is ideal for storing items that you don’t need immediate access to, for example a change of clothing or bike parts.

2 – The frame bag / Miss Grape Internode

This is a bag that fits inside the main triangle of the frame. It is available in a variety of shapes and capacity, to meet the needs of everyone and to fit different frame sizes. It is excellent for maintaining or even improving the aerodynamic properties of the bicycle. It is quite easy access the contents of this bag while riding.

3 – The handlebar bag / Miss Grape Tendril

This can be mounted on both MTB and road handlebars. Capable of a large volume if filled to full capacity, but the volume can also be reduced thanks to the roll top closures. It is usually used for larger items such as a mattress, bivouac or tent.

Miss Grape range also comes with additional bags for small accessories.

The top tube bag / Miss Grape Node

A small volume bag positioned right in front of you, meaning you can access the contents very easily while riding. Most of customers use this bag for energy bars, a camera or a phone.

Your best friend / Miss Grape Bud

The right size cylindrical bag to hold a water bottle or anything else you need to have on hand while riding. This is hard to do without due to its practicality and ease of installation on any bike.

The front bag / Miss Grape Moon

A practical bag, it keeps its shape even when empty thanks to its rigid internal structure and it fits all types of handlebar. We prefer it for shorter rides to hold some tools, a windproof jacket and a few extra bars. It works well to hold everything you would normally put into jersey pockets.

Extra help / Miss Grape Trunk

For longer trips you’ll need to carry more gear with you. The Trunk bag is designed to be attached to a fork that can fit an anything cage. Totally waterproof and suitable to hold pretty much anything. Many use it for field gear, such as the stove and cookware. Or for a change of clothing or even for a mattress and bivvy bag.

We have been collaborating with Miss Grape for many years, but even before this we fell in love with their products and the brand ethos. Over the years we have been able to really feel the passion that goes into the research and development of each product which today has made Miss Grape the absolute brand of reference in the bikepacking world.