With the perfect blend of technology and design, the new Basso Diamante SV is their best bike yet. The new Diamante SV: Super Fast, Super Versatile. The frame features an optimized carbon layup and tube diameters specific for each size frame - from 48 to 63 - to ensure the same consistent ride quality. If a precious diamond is an example of perfection, then the Diamante SV deserves its name as it encompasses all the experience that the Basso brand has accumulated in over 40 years of producing perfect racing bikes. Diamante SV: built to run, to win, to endure.

The handlebar and stem of the Diamante SV are modular but with the performance of an integrated system with internal cable routing.

Basso, thanks to its competitive nature and the desire to evolve, has accepted the challenge and the final result demonstrates the effort, attention to detail and passion that encompasses this project.

A perfect blend of technology and design makes this the best Basso yet.

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