Colnago C64 is a symbol of style and elegance, It’s Made in Italy.

The distinctive feature of all Colnago racing bicycles has always been a beauty without arguments, but if in the C64 this is an obvious feature at first glance and that it does not need further comments, what cannot be seen is instead the inimitable concentrate of technology and safety enclosed in this extraordinary frame.

Colnago C64


The Colnago C64’s fork has been designed with an external rib-shape to give the rider more comfort (front stiffness) but also to increase the ride-quality (side stiffness).

To increase the stiffness and strength, Colnago created an internal rib in the steerer tube, which also holds the nut for the top cap and eliminates the need for an expander-plug.

With the same shape as the disc fork, the rim version houses the pivots for the direct-mount brakes – which offers plenty of tire clearance.

The fork length was increased by 5mm to be able to accommodate larger tires yet still have a hollow upper structure, to lower the weight but still retain the same stiffness and performance as the C60 fork.

Dropouts are now full carbon – replacing the alloy dropouts used on the C60.


Colnago C64

Colnago C64

The constant search for state-of-the-art technological and construction solutions

represents the means to offer cyclists racing bicycles with extremely high performance, but always ensuring maximum safety in every situation.

This is why, for example, we subject our frames to crash tests that are much more stringent than required by regulations; being able to say that the Colnago frames are the safest in the world is a source of great pride for us.

Colnago C64

Tubes and lugs: the secret of bonding

Sturdiness is not born by chance: it is also achieved with details that are not seen but that make the difference. Perfect lugs, for example. Unlike metal materials, carbon cannot be deformed, so to assemble C64 tubes and lugs in an extremely precise way, the tolerance between the two must not exceed 0.15 mm.

This maximum value guarantees safe bonding, able to withstand flexion-torsional stresses without risk of detachment.

Maximum security wherever you go

Colnago C64

Whenever a Colnago bicycle is sold, we cannot know where it will be used, so we must be sure that in any environmental situation it always offers the highest level of safety to the cyclist.

The tubes of the C64 frame are thus glued in the lugs with a two-component adhesive designed for aerospace use, able to withstand very high stresses.

The choice of this special glue was born from the collaboration with the aerospace section of the Politecnico di Milano, together with which we carried out a series of tests verifying the bonding strength in the most extreme conditions of temperature, humidity and even air salinity.

To ensure maximum sealing, in the bonding phase we follow a rigorous process down to the smallest details, from sandblasting to chemical pickling to eliminate any imperceptible residue, until the polymerization of the adhesive with strictly controlled timing and temperatures.

Finally, the very strict tightness tests leave no room for doubt on the final result, as is the tradition of Colnago: the tube glued in the joint must in fact overcome a “terrible” tensile test of 1,200 kg.

Colnago C64

Colnago C64

The C64 frame is full and made in Italy and is the result of more than 2 years of research

It represents the continuity of the history of a company that has collected successes and innovations for more than 60 years.

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