With the launch of this new product, Cicli Corsa is pleased to officially announce its partnership with Fulcrum Wheels.

Fulcrum, a company associated with Campagnolo, celebrates its 20th anniversary by introducing its first wheel specifically designed for the endurance and AllRoad world.

Sharq is an acronym encompassing the key points of this project: smoothness, handling, aerodynamics, reactivity, and comfort.

High-quality carbon fibers and the extensive know-how of Fulcrum and Campagnolo are used in the construction. This results in a reduced weight and increased rigidity of the rim structure, creating a high-end product capable of performance that has left us amazed.

The rim profile is completely new and revolutionary, called 2-Wave, optimizing aerodynamic performance and paired with a robust, reinforced structure, also compatible for off-road use. These details make the new Sharq one of the most sought-after and versatile wheels on the market.

Fulcrum Sharq

A revolutionary rim profile, meticulously studied to optimize resistance to side winds. The flat spokes, named A3ro, play a fundamental role in reducing drag. Noteworthy is the detail of not having the spokes rub against each other, which helps maintain their tension over time and prevents potential creaking. The rim height varies between 42 and 47 mm, a choice aimed at finding the best balance between handling and reactivity.

Fulcrum Sharq


- Intended use: Road, AllRoad, Endurance, Light Gravel, Fast Gravel

- Rim height: 42/47 mm

- Internal Channel: 25 mm

- Wheelset weight: 1,440 g

- Tire size compatibility: starting from 700x30c

- Bearings: USB Ceramic Balls

- Freewheel compatibility: N3W, HG11, XDr, MS12

The new Fulcrum Sharq wheels are undoubtedly a significant innovation for Fulcrum, and we want to leverage the presentation of this significant product to formalize our partnership with this brand that we have learned to know and appreciate over many years.

Starting today, the Fulcrum range will be available on our webshop, and as always, you can count on Cicli Corsa's premium service for your online purchases and post-sale assistance.

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