For some it might seem a bit strange at first, but not if we discuss the Rocket Espresso brand which is a company with an indissoluble link with cycling.

Rocket Espresso cycling

Who has never stopped for a coffee during a bike ride?

Cyclists have a very close and direct relationship with coffee. It is considered almost as a ritual, a custom, an obligatory stop. Certainly this has always been true in Italy, where the espresso culture is the only coffee culture. But also on an international level, for several years now, we have witnessed the fusion of the passion for cycling with that for quality coffee.

Rocket Espresso

In this context, Rocket Espresso has played a fundamental role in spreading the culture of good espresso in the cycling world. This is above all thanks to Andrew Meo's vision and passion. In 2007, this former New Zealand pro cyclist, together with Jeff Kennedy and Daniele Berenbruch, gave life to the Rocket project as we now know it.

The company boasts a product portfolio divided between high-end domestic and professional espresso machines, manufactured in the best tradition of Made in Italy.

Hand assembled one by one and meticulously tested for any imperfections before being shipped all over the world.

From today we are therefore proud to be official stockists of the Rocket Espresso brand through our online shop. Thanks to the direct relationship with the company we are able to manage any type of request and to provide a professional assistance service.

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