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De Rosa Protos

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We recently had the pleasure of testing the new De Rosa Protos disc, equipped with the new Campagnolo 12v group. …

Cinelli XCR

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Cinelli’s flagship XCr frame is their top of the range steel offering and Columbus XCr is a material which is at the …

Cinelli Nemo TIG

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The Nemo TIG is Cinelli’s latest Made in Italy high-performance steel road frame. It looks and rides the way in …

The Master

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Ugo De Rosa | The Master Its January 27th today and we’re about to leave the off-season behind and maybe …

Miss Grape Bikepacking

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In recent years the concept of bikepacking has interested and intrigued more and more cyclists. Bikepacking is not a new …

Colnago Arabesque & Campagnolo SR

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A second life for the Arabesque. This most collectable of frames has been back in production for four years now. …


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