We do not consider ourselves as just Pinarello dealers, we are true fans of cycling and of what this brand represents on the world scene, on the road, track and time trial. In recent years, Pinarello have dominated the international scene and the most important competitions.

We have long been great admirers and of the outstanding work that has been done to bring a small Italian artisan to the very top.

Bicycles coveted by professionals and amateurs alike, who won over with the dynamic characteristics and unbeatable performance. For some time we had shown our interest in the company, starting the first conversation in 2018. We certainly cannot say that it was easy to become an official Pinarello dealer, as we had to demonstrate how we work, convey our business ethics and assert the weight of our professionalism.

Their standards are of the highest levels, but our goal was achieved in summer 2021 and we couldn't be more proud.

So, to seal this new collaboration, we visited the company's headquarters in Treviso.

Before visiting their more operational premises, we enjoyed a good coffee in the space called " La Bottega", a showroom envisaged by Fausto Pinarello to welcome all fans of the brand, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of Pinarello.

cicli corsa in Pinarello

The overall impression, once you cross the threshold, is captivating.

You don't know where to look.

In front of us Dogma F frames in all colors, on the left the time trial bike of Filippo Ganna, next to an Ineos team bike.

You look up and on the black wall you will find the 15 yellow jerseys of the Tour de France, 8 Maglia Rosa of the Giro D’Italia and 7 maillot rojo of the Vuelta a España.

Magnificent results, made possible by the combination of incredible teams and bikes. We remember, for example, the Banesto team with Miguel Indurain who enchanted fans on his Pinarello Espada. We also think of Ullrich, Zabel and Riis with the Telekom team who dominated the 1990s. Not to mention Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome.

Pinarello visit

La Bottega is on two levels, with attention paid to the very smallest details.

There is also a fully equipped workshop and a relaxation area where the very first car of Giovanni "Nani" Pinarello's is parked.

A perfectly restored Fiat Multipla and a real gem.

Bottega Pinarello

Leaving the La Bottega we move towards the beating heart of the company, a modern structure divided into two main areas: the managerial office developed on two levels, of which in addition to the offices there is a research and development department, and the production part, which occupies the largest surface area on ​​the property.

Upon entering the production area, the impact is strong.

A space where cleanliness, order and organization are the immediately evident. The space is well designed and organized taking advantage of the experience gained over the years.

All to ensure maximum efficiency in managing the logistics and producing the most sought after frame of the moment. The new Dogma F is produced by the company in Taiwan, at a state-of-the-art facility, where for years they have continued to invest in increasingly advanced technologies. Once in Treviso, each frame is inspected by an operator and prepared for painting. The company is currently in a state of flux, the market demand has grown significantly, production has been brought to unprecedented levels and the expansion of staff and new premises are already underway. Specialized workers, who have been working in Pinarello for years, smoothing the surfaces, varnishing, applying masking and polishing dozens and dozens of frames a day, are concentrated in the painting of the latest Dogma F.

It is really clear to perceive the passion and pride that moves all the Pinarello employees, with whom we exchanged a joke or a few words.

Skilled people, almost all long-time cyclists, who have a hand in refining one of the most coveted frames in the market.

Thanks to this visit we were able to understand in detail how the final production process of the Dogma F frame takes place, the technical aspects and the specificities of the processes required to ensure the very best quality.

But what impressed us most were the people who make this complex and well-organized operation work.

A truly efficient and contemporary company, which treasures artisan experience and channels it to produce one of the most technologically advanced frames today.

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