Today, Colnago officially unveiled its latest creation in the gravel bike landscape: the C68 Gravel.

This new addition to the renowned lineup of bicycles from the Italian brand promises an extraordinary riding experience for off-road adventure enthusiasts.

With its sophisticated and elegant design, the C68 Gravel represents the perfect blend of elegance and performance, a hallmark of Colnago.

Handcrafted in Italy by expert artisans, the bike inherits the brand's expertise in the field of modular frames made with lugs, bringing Colnago's mastery into the gravel biking world.


The reach-stack ratio has been increased to allow for the fitting of a shorter stem, paired with a longer wheel-base. In fact, the head tube angle has been reduced to 70.5° for all frame sizes, a choice that provides the rider with more stability on rough terrains, further enhancing the feeling of security while riding the bicycle.


Innovations don't stop at the frame: the bike features a carbon fork and the new Colnago CC.01 Wide cockpit, designed to enhance gravel riding with a wider flare compared to the Road version. For instance, a handlebar with a width of 40cm measured at the hoods will result in 46cm when measured at the bar ends (Center/center).


It is important to note that Colnago has aimed to ensure maximum compatibility with handlebars, stems, and forks from third-party manufacturers for those who wish to customize their C68 Gravel. The only necessary feature is that accessories are compatible with fully integrated cable routing (Hidden cables).

c68 gravel

The bike can accommodate any type of electronic or mechanical single-chainring (1x) groupset, offering a complete range of customization options.

The ample tire clearance allows the use of wide tires up to 45 mm, opening new horizons for two-wheel adventure enthusiasts.

The C68 Gravel is available in 5 sizes (450 - 480 - 510 - 540 - 570), providing a comprehensive range to suit every cyclist. With its mix of tradition, refined aesthetics, and cutting-edge technology, the C68 Gravel promises to captivate off-road cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

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