Cycling Bergamo

Bergamo is a city made up of a historic "Città Alta" (upper town) enclosed by Venetian walls (recently made a UNESCO heritage site) and a more modern lower town at its feet.

Nearby, there is a protected area called the "Parco dei Colli" enveloping part of the city, a large hilly area made up of secondary roads, paths and woods. It is the perfect place for those who love riding, especially when time is limited.

Cycling Bergamo

Imagine waking up when it is still dark and silence reigns supreme, the temperature even in the hottest season is perfect, almost cool; the only thing you want is to push yourself for an hour, before the working day drags you into the usual routine.

Starting from the center, or from any point in the lower town, reaching the upper town takes little time. There are entry points at the walls via four imposing gates, built in the Middle Ages, which regulate access to the old city. Asphalt or pebbles, gentle slopes and some steeper gradients will challenge and entertain any rider.

Cycling Bergamo

Cycling Bergamo

An intricate set of streets and alleys wind through the "citadel", reaching the inhabited center with its array of shops and restaurants, it's an ideal place to admire medieval architecture or to enjoy a good coffee while listening to the typical bar conversations from the locals.

When it comes to coffee, Bugan (Bugan Coffee Lab) offers the best coffee in the city, which also supplies us with specialty coffee that we make with our Rocket R Cinquantotto espresso machine.

Cycling Bergamo

After a quick espresso, you can ride up to San Vigilio hill, offering a wonderful panoramic view from which to admire the upper town with its towers and historic buildings.

From San Vigilio you will have the opportunity to take four different routes, which will not only lead you to the greenest area of ​​the Parco dei Colli, but which will allow you to make a circuit of fun climbs and descents, between woods, villas and farmhouses. Simply get lost on these roads and enjoy the different viewpoints. Various fountains are dotted around where you will always find fresh water, in the summer season and the hottest hours of the day, you will be appreciative of this.

Cycling Bergamo

Cycling Bergamo

And if at the end of the tour, you want to enjoy a sweet reward for the efforts made, we recommend La Marianna, a pastry shop opened since 1952 (they were the creators of Stracciatella ice cream, so they say ...) or at Cavour, another historic café opened by 1880, a breakfast here is a real experience.

After all this, the day will surely start well.

Matteo is a Bergamasco DOC, born and raised in the province, now he has settled with his partner Leila and their dog, called Bandido, at the gates of the Venetian Walls of the upper town.

His desire is to be always on the move, to experience and learn about different cultures, which led him to travel a lot. He has lived in London and later on, in New York. The discoveries deriving from his travels, have allowed him to always cultivate new passions.

A drummer for a long time as well as a photographer, in recent years being outdoors and experiencing nature have become his priorities, and therefore cycling, climbing and running have become his focus.

Cycling Bergamo

North of Bergamo there are three main valleys, Valle Imagna, Seriana and Brembana, all connected by paths, roads and passes with little traffic.

A rich topography of trails and roads that are perfect for us cyclists, authentic landscapes where many still carrying on age old traditions, such as the cultivation, breeding and cheese production.

Cycling Bergamo

It is precisely in this area where Matteo takes refuge when he is not riding, perhaps to explore the area or to go fishing. And every time, before returning to the city, he does not miss the opportunity to visit one of the many cheese producers in the area. For example, the Latteria Sociale di Branzi, producers of Branzi, a typical cheese with a Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC). Or at the Sant'Antonio Agricultural Cooperative, producers of the award-winning Taleggio cheese.

To enjoy these and the many other delicacies from our valleys, we recommend that you visit the boys from Bù Cheese Bar or the Fiaschetteria di Gianni in Bergamo, where the owner is a dear friend and bassist of the Finistère group, with Matteo as their drummer.

Cycling Bergamo

Cycling Bergamo

Matteo is a lover of steel bikes, but he was not alway so. He came to a realisation that riding pleasure comes first, even before weight.

This awareness led Matteo to choose one of the best steel frames on the market, a Cinelli Nemo Tig, a latest generation frame built with triple-butted steel tubing from Columbus Tubi.

Cycling Bergamo

Built with a 1 ”-½ tapered head tube designed to accommodate the Columbus Futura fork, it allows for excellent control over high speeds and precision in handling. The bottom bracket is a BSA thread and the cabling is externally routed for mechanical groupsets, and for the electronic groupsets, the wiring is internal.

The rim brake frame can accommodate a 28mm tire while the disc version accept a 30mm, so as to make the Nemo Tig suitable for any road surface. Each frame is made to order and the waiting time varies depending on the period.

Steel frames are experiencing a new surge in popularity, appreciated by older generation riders, and increasingly chosen by younger cyclists who are looking for a custom build.

This frame is available in four sizes and more than 30 colors, but with a little extra attention it can be custom built to suit your requirements.

The frame is available as a rim and disc version, and has been joined with the gravel version since 2019.

Cycling Bergamo

Cinelli Nemo Tig 2021/2022

Size: M

Color: Black Dog

Head Set: Columbus Compass Carbo-Ceramica 1-⅛ / 1-½”

Stem: Cinelli NEOS

Handlebar: Cinelli NEOS

Handlebar Tape: Cinelli Cork black

Groupset: Campagnolo Chorus 12s Rim brake

Wheels: Campagnolo Bora One 35

Tyres: Pirelli PZero Race 28mm Classic

Saddle: Cinelli Scatto

Bottlecages: Cinelli Harry’s

Front Light: Knog PWR Rider

Rear Light: Knog Blinder Mini Rear

Cycling Bergamo
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