Helmets are a key accessory for all cyclists and choosing the right one is imperative.

This is why we choose KASK helmets.

KASK is an Italian brand that develops, designs and manufactures high quality bicycle helmets, and they are now available on ciclicorsa.com.

KASK products are a perfect balance of technology, functionality, safety and attractive design. KASK helmets owe their exceptional quality due to the integrated frame system that combines maximum protection, low weight and supreme comfort.

Quality, design and attention to detail have made KASK among the best known and most sought after helmets in the industry.

Here is a list of the most popular KASK models available on ciclicorsa.com.

Protone Icon

The Protone Icon helmet features the latest technological advances in safety, ventilation, and aerodynamics to make it an icon of road cycling.

Seamless technology joins the lower and upper parts of the shell to give it a refined, elegant look and improved aerodynamics.

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Protone Icon


Developed in cooperation with Team INEOS, Valegro is designed to offer the best comfort ventilation when climbing or riding in hot conditions.

The profile of VALEGRO's polycarbonate shell has been tested and refined by KASK’s engineers in conjunction with a wind-tunnel to get the best results in terms of thermo-cooling performance.

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Valegro kask

Bambino Pro

L'aerazione è assicurata dalla presenza di sei micro-fessure sulla parte frontale e quattro aperture nella parte posteriore, collegate tramite un sistema di canali interni per il passaggio dell'aria.

La visiera è integrata nel casco mediante un sistema magnetico e può essere rimossa facilmente e sostituita mentre si pedala.

kask Bambino Pro
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