Introducing the new Pinarello Dogma F, an evolution of the Dogma F12, now lighter, more reactive and aerodynamic. DOGMA F

With a profile decidedly familiar to the Dogma of recent years, this new model raises the bar again. New raw materials, improved mechanical performance, full cable integration. With a series of refinements the new Dogma once again sits at the top of the market. This latest model is available for both rim and disc brakes. For the occasion, Pinarello has in fact created two completely different forks in order to optimize performance based on the two braking systems.

Torayca T1100 1K carbon fiber

The frame and fork are made with Torayca T1100 1K carbon fiber using Nanoalloy technology, one of the finest materials on the market, also used for the production of racing cars and the aerospace industry.

Dogma F

New head tube and full cable integration

Thanks to a new design, this new frame features fully integrated cabling. With a new head tube silhouette, the Dogma is now even more aerodynamic, but also cleaner and with a minimalist aesthetic.

Dogma F


A significant part of the success of the Dogma series must be attributed to the performance of the Onda fork. A masterpiece of engineering, further refined and improved. It is optimized for both disc and traditional brakes and aerodynamics are taken to an extreme. The handling precision and stability are unmatched.

Dogma F

The result is a more aerodynamic bicycle (in fact Dogma F rim is 3.2% more aerodynamic than the Dogma F12, while the Disc version reaches + 4.8%) which does not sacrifice rigidity and handling balance. It is the perfect bike for all kinds of riders on any type of route. The new frame is available in three colors: Plutonium Flash (as pictured), Eruption Red and Black on Black, available with SRAM, Campagnolo and Shimano groupsets.

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