PMP has been designing and manufacturing mechanical components in Treviolo, near Bergamo in Northern Italy since 1979. PMP stands for Piccola Meccanica di Precisione [Small Precision Engineering].

Their cycling division was founded in 1989, when the owners merged the experience gained in the field of high-precision mechanical engineering and their passion for cycling.

Operating in a market which at the time was particularly interested in reducing weight through the use of new materials, PMP’s cycling department sprang to life and quickly made their mark thanks to the use of high-quality materials such as titanium, or lightweight aeronautical alloys and the extreme accuracy with which they produced their components, which is mainly done through the use of computerised numerical control systems.

The company produces titanium and aluminum alloy accessories, from small parts such as chainring bolts to more complex accessories such as seat posts, quick release skewers, hubs, bottom brackets, cranksets, and complete wheels.

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From the very beginning, great cycling champions have used and tested components manufactured by PMP, providing the company with useful field-tested feedback, allowing them to improve their components.

PMP components are entirely manufactured in Italy within the company headquarters: design, prototyping, testing, and execution are all done in house using the up-to-date computerised numerical control systems and most technologically advanced materials.

Their production department is extremely neat and clean, the room temperature is kept at a constant so as to avoid even a micrometrical expansions of the metals during the processing phases. The tools and accessories are subjected to constant checks and scheduled maintenance, and stored in an environment created especially to house them.

The quality control department monitor the results of the production department using cutting edge measuring instruments, ensuring that they only produce components that meet their standards. You only need to glance at their workspace and machines to understand that precision, meticulous attention to detail, minimum tolerance standards, and a consistent quality clearly illustrates PMP’s strengths and what define their production.

These values align perfectly with those of Cicli Corsa, which choose to add only the best Italian cycling products to their shop in order to guarantee our customers the highest quality products. Cicli Corsa, thanks to a direct contact with PMP, is able to provide complete customer service helping customers find the best possible product for their needs and providing them with after-sales assistance.

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