The X-Rotor Steel Carbon 3 brake discs represent a significant leap forward in cycling technology.

These semi-floating marvels feature a carbon fiber inner body, steel braking track, and titanium fixing rivets, boasting an exquisite laser-engraved logo.

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Compared to its predecessor, the X-Rotor Steel Carbon 2, the latest iteration offers several enhancements aimed at elevating performance and shedding weight. Remarkably, the 140mm variant weighs a mere 68 grams, a testament to its advanced design and engineering prowess.

Enhancements include a redesigned carbon fiber inner flange with meticulously crafted CNC-machined edges, ensuring robustness and compliance with International Cycling Union (UCI) standards. Additionally, the 1.8mm thick special steel track has been reimagined to optimize braking performance, promoting superior heat dissipation and more uniform pad wear.

The utilization of grade 5 titanium for the rivets and fixing washers not only reinforces the discs' lightweight construction but also underscores their durability and reliability. These rivets facilitate a floating design, enabling axial movement of the track for consistent pad contact and even wear over time.

These rivets facilitate a floating design, enabling axial movement of the track for consistent pad contact and even wear over time.

Available with a six-hole fixing system adhering to International Standard, the X-Rotor Steel Carbon 3 discs also offer a Center Lock variant.

For the latter, the X-Rotor Center Lock Adapter Kit (cod. XRCLAKMN) is essential, featuring a protective plate to safeguard the carbon body of the disc. While compatible with various pad types, Carbon-Ti recommends organic pads for optimal performance and longevity.

Originating from the esteemed lineage of LLS Titanium, Carbon-Ti epitomizes excellence in crafting premium bicycle components since its inception in 1989. Pioneering the fusion of noble materials such as carbon fiber and titanium alloy, Carbon-Ti has consistently delivered products renowned for their lightweight, rigidity, and durability.

Continuing its legacy of innovation, Carbon-Ti's research and development endeavors at its headquarters in Cazzago San Martino (Brescia) remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of performance in competitive cycling. With a prestigious clientele including participants in major races like the UCI World Tour and World Cup XCO championships, Carbon-Ti's commitment to excellence extends to both professional athletes and enthusiasts alike.

Notably, the endorsement of esteemed champions like Tadej Pogačar underscores the superiority of Carbon-Ti components, with the UAE Team Emirates opting for disc brakes and Carbon-Ti crowns.

Emphasizing its unwavering dedication to quality, Carbon-Ti proudly maintains its "100% made in Italy" ethos, ensuring products of uncompromising excellence. As a trusted distributor, Cicli Corsa stands as a beacon for Carbon-Ti products, offering unparalleled sales and after-sales support to enthusiasts seeking bespoke cycling solutions.

Conclusion: With the X-Rotor Steel Carbon 3 brake discs, Carbon-Ti continues to redefine the standards of excellence in cycling components, marrying cutting-edge technology with Italian craftsmanship to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.

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