Colnago V3Rs Ice & Fire will be the world's first racing bike to integrate blockchain technology.

RFID tag

An RFID tag applied to the frame will allow the ownership of the bike to be identified through a virtual registry, thus becoming a true digital passport that will inextricably bind the bike to its owner. A smartphone app connected to the blockchain will allow access to the information in the electronic passport.

Tadej Pogacar

The bike was designed directly by Tadej Pogacar and will be used by the champion at the upcoming Road World Championships in Flanders on Sunday, September 26. It will be auctioned off in the future, a unique piece of Colnago history.

V3RS Ice & Fire will be auctioned off at the moment of the launch of the new Colnago website and app in 2022.

V3RS Ice & Fire

The word Ice represents the temperature of his thoughts when racing, the lucidity and determination needed to reach the goal. And fire, the burning in his legs that takes hold as he pushes hard on the pedals toward victory.

MyLime, an Italian technology company partnering with Colnago on this innovative project, will connect Colnago frames to the Automotive Blockchain® where the frame's production, transportation and sales data will be recorded.

The first manufacturer to connect its physical products to a virtual, distributed registry, Colnago is leading the way to ensure the authenticity and proof of ownership of new Colnago frames. Starting in 2022, Colnago will begin leveraging blockchain technology in its products.

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