Campagnolo is delighted to announce the brand new HyperonUltra, weighing just 1240g - adding a super light-weight, high performance wheel to their extensive range.

The optimal rim profile has been identified as 37mm by Campagnolo engineers, toprovide agility-enhancing wheels. They can withstand rapid and reactive changesfor fast ascents and quick manoeuvres. The inner rim width of 21mm offers extremestiffness and extra weight savings.

Utilising the highest quality CULT bearings, Campagnolo are able to provide maximum efficiency and durability for unmatched smoothness. Standing for Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology, CULT bearings offer a significant upgrade from all other bearings.

The key to CULTs extraordinary performance is using the highest quality materialsin its hybrid construction. Incredibly hard and perfectly round ceramic bearings maintain consistent performance over time and run on synthetic oil on stainless-steel races which have been specially-treated to make them resistant to wear.

The Hyperon Ultra hubs feature the Head-2-Bay total tension management system, created to prevent spoke inelastic shearing and to ensure optimal power is transferred to the road.

Crafted by the finest materials and deploying high quality engineering, the HyperonUltra wheelset is finished off with Campagnolo’s top quality C-Lux coating to ensure a high-gloss surface to complete the aesthetic.

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