Campagnolo, a leading company in the cycling industry, has announced the launch of the brand-new Super Record Wireless 12x2 Speed crankset, equipped with an advanced power meter called HPPM (High Precision Power Measurement).

This innovative device represents a breakthrough in the world of road cycling, offering cyclists top-level performance and extremely accurate data to optimize their performance.

The HPPM power meter is the result of in-depth studies conducted by the Vicenza-based company and is strategically positioned on the crankset's spokes.

With its sixteen sensors arranged in a diamond shape, it can accurately detect torque in Newton meters. These data are processed through a specific algorithm, ensuring incredible accuracy of +/- 1%. Furthermore, high-frequency sampling with signals measured every five milliseconds (200 hertz) ensures a clear and reliable reading.

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The new Super Record Wireless crankset is designed to offer immediate responsiveness, transferring all the cyclist's power to the transmission.

With its Ultra-Torque titanium axle and unidirectional carbon fiber cranks, this crankset is a concentration of technology and unprecedented performance.

Thanks to the My Campy 3.0 application, cyclists can easily calibrate the system and monitor the battery charge status of the power meter.

With a battery life of over a month and a recharge time of less than four hours, the Super Record Wireless crankset is ready to meet the needs of the most demanding cyclists.

Additionally, the Super Record Wireless crankset offers a wide range of front gear ratios, including options such as 45-29, 48-32, and 50-34, ensuring maximum flexibility and adaptability to different riding needs.

In conclusion, the new Super Record Wireless 12x2 Speed crankset with HPPM power meter is set to redefine performance standards in road cycling, offering cyclists an unparalleled competitive advantage and a feeling of power and control without compromise.

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