Colnago, the renowned Italian bicycle manufacturer, has launched a limited edition bicycle, the Colnago Gioiello, to celebrate the spirit of Italian manufacturing excellence and creativity.

This exquisite golden bicycle embodies the values of class, craftsmanship, and beauty that Colnago has been known for since 1954.

The Colnago Gioiello is based on the C68 frame and is a special and limited edition of only 50 numbered examples created to celebrate the 106th Giro d'Italia, the famous cycling race that has brought Italian appreciation to the world.

The bike's iconic spirals are inspired by the Trofeo Senza Fine, while its golden finish is decorated entirely in gold leaf.

The Gioiello features a fork with a dedicated texture, displaying an elegant pattern of the Ace of Clubs, the Colnago symbol, in a more refined key.


The same design is repeated on the saddle, created in collaboration with Selle Italia, and on the handlebar tape.


The bike also features a rear derailleur cage with oversize pulleys printed in titanium 3D and treated with a special golden TiN cover finish.


The handlebar caps and the through-axle caps are worked in gold leaf, and the Ace of Clubs is embossed on the front of the head tube.


The hand-assembled wheel spokes are also in gold.

Colnago Gioiello

The Gioiello is the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and is designed to showcase Italian artistic flair.

The C68 frame, dedicated to the Italian tradition of carbon parts craftsmanship, is enriched by a gold leaf finish that gives it a warm, luminous, and elegant color.

This rare and precious gem of a bike is produced in only 50 units, making it one of the rarest Colnago bikes.

With its unique design and components, including a 3D printed bottle cage covered in gold leaf, the Colnago Gioiello is a true jewel that celebrates the highest standards of Italian manufacturing.

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