A new chapter opens in Pinarello's history.

The new Dogma X expands horizons and stands ready to fulfill the latest market demands.

Dogma X

A new endurance geometry meticulously designed, a judicious selection of the finest carbon fibers, their overlap and orientation, a unique and distinctive rear frame design, and last but not least, an enlarged wheel clearance to accommodate tires up to 35c.

This is the new Dogma X, Pinarello's top-of-the-line model dedicated to the endurance rider who wants to stay comfortably in the saddle all day and is unwilling to compromise when it comes to performance.


Dogma X

The All-Road racing bicycle sector is no longer a niche but a growing reality. Pinarello enters the market with a project that has its roots deep and has undergone countless improvements and optimizations before its market debut.

The goal was to amaze with its design, impress with its technical specifications, and above all, make you fall in love with its on-road behavior, the way it handles, even on mixed and uneven terrain. So that you can push your boundaries, explore new roads, and have new experiences, knowing that you are pedaling with the best that Italian engineering has to offer.

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