If you were to ask a cyclist from Bergamo to point out the symbolic climb of our area, the answer would surely be "Il Selvino".

This climb with 19 switchbacks reaches a small mountain-style village, but is also located just a few kilometers from the plains and city of Bergamo.

Together with Valcava and Roncola, Selvino is one of the three most well known and appreciated climbs in the area, but above all, it is definitely the most frequented.

Leaving Bergamo in the direction of Val Seriana, you have to cover eight kilometres until you get to Nembro, where this famous climb begins.

It has an average gradient of 5.5% and is 10.5 km long. The numerous switchbacks and panoramic views make it a real destination for cyclists from Bergamo and Lombardy.

It's perfect for an intense training session, to be done at any time of the year.

The climb is also ideal for longer tours, in fact once you arrive in the village, you will have multiple options for loops.

With all those switchbacks and amazing views, Selvino has been included in most editions of Il Lombardia, the famous Monument that every autumn connects the cities of Bergamo and Como.

While in the context of the Giro d'Italia, the village of Selvino has been used as a stage finish and its climb included in many stages.

In short, we can say that Selvino is the most famous climb of the area and this makes it also very busy, our advice is to avoid it during the weekend, when the traffic is more intense than normal.

To celebrate this symbolic climb, but in a broader sense to celebrate the Bergamasque cycling heritage, the Velo Club Selvino named each of the 19 switchbacks after great champions from Bergamo - Felice Gimondi, Ivan Gotti and Paolo Savoldelli.

The list is too long to include everyone, so we will leave you the pleasure of discovering it for yourself.

The climb officially starts at the traffic circle in front of the church in Nembro and ends at the first fountain once you arrive in Selvino, a meeting point to refill your water bottle and cast a look at the bikes of your rivals.

Right in front of this stop you will find the legendary "A Casa del Contadino", here it is always a pleasure to take a break, maybe a little longer than usual, tasting excellent cold cuts and cheeses from small local producers.

On the road that leads to the municipality of Ranica, we cannot fail to mention the Pasticceria Cortinovis, winner of international awards and every year included in the top 10 best pastry shops of Italy.

You either love soccer or you hate it, and Bergamo loves it. Atalanta is the city's team, a small football club that has always fought against the giants of Serie A, with stellar budgets and formations composed of great champions.

This small team, which represents a city of only 120,000 inhabitants, in recent years has been competing at an international level against the behemoths of the sport.

The values embodied in the team are the same that the entire city shares in everyday life, unity and solidarity.

Values represented by the now famous motto #molamia (don't give up), which has become sadly known for what happened in the city during the first phase of the pandemic, when Bergamo made the headlines as the city hardest hit in Europe with Covid-19.

But that motto has also become the emblem of a city that resists, united and supportive.

Marco, or 'Faso' by his friends, has always been an Atalantino, even though that he now lives in Milan.

But he never leaves Bergamo, and he comes back every day to work there. In fact, "Il Faso" as well as having been an Ultra and an Italian Mod with his Lambretta, is a very inspired designer. Together with Guido and Fausto, in 2007 he created a wonderful space called Studio Temp.

This graphic and communication studio has over the years has made itself known, even internationally, with many projects in the field of culture, redesigning theaters, museums and events of significant importance.

There have been collaborations with some of the most important brands in the fashion, furniture and publishing sectors, where Studio Temp has been able to showcase new and brilliant ideas, as well as lots and lots of style.

More recently, Il Faso has decided to channel his greatest passions into a new project, which he has called Velo Temp.

Maybe for him it was just a game, but in a short time it has become a true style icon among local fans and further afield. The style is fresh and different, it is without agenda and does not chase trends.

All of Velo Temp's garments are obviously produced by the most important clothing manufacturer in the cycling sector, which has its headquarters in Bergamo and has been in the city since its inception in 1965.

We are of course talking about Santini, which after a recent move, is now located just a few hundred meters away from Cicli Corsa's headquarters.

Marco works hard, but barely a day goes by without a ride, if not on the road, then on the rollers or maybe in the mud.

The Pinarello Dogma F was the best choice he could make, and it goes without saying that the perfect climb to put it to the test was of course Selvino.

Marco could do the climb with his eyes closed, for him it's the measuring stick for himself and for the bike.

Dogma F

The new Pinarello Dogma F is the new reference for fast road bikes, harnessing all the watts that you can put out.

It amazed us as it did Marco when he put it to the test on each of the 19 switchbacks named after the great champions.

DOGMA F: Frame size 515 Plutonium Flash Most Talon Ultra fast cokcpit 100/420 Sram Red eTap AXS 12s 46-33 / 10-28 DT Swiss arc 1400 50mm Pirelli Pzero Race 26mm Most Ultragrip Tape Lynxs Ultrafast Superflow Carbon saddle The wings bottle cage

Dogma F

Aerodynamics, rigidity and efficiency singularly combined with the sole purpose of making you go faster.

Whether you find yourself climbing Selvino or the Stelvio, or maybe sprinting flat out, or even on technical descents cornering in ways that you did not think possible before.

Dogma F

But the Dogma F isn't just fast. It's also beautiful. And it can become even more so with the personal touch of each and every one of its owners.

Through the much-anticipated MyWay program, you can truly make each frame unique and personal.

We recommend that you look into this option, also because each MyWay order follows a path dedicated for you and this often translates into a shorter waiting times to get your dream bike.

dogma f myway
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